Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training

Embracing Aboriginal cultural awareness isn't just about compliance — it's an exciting opportunity to foster a vibrant and inclusive workplace culture. Increase your team’s knowledge and understanding of First Nations culture and history and contribute to enhanced outcomes!

This full day Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training program is delivered by our expert team in your workplace and is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of Fist Nations culture, innovations and knowledge systems prior to colonisation. Build your team’s understanding of the colonial process and Australia’s historical policy framework and timeline. Before finally examining the impact of the colonial process on cultural identity and the resulting challenges faced by First Nations people in contemporary Australia.

The program includes interactive workshops, discussions, and multimedia resources to foster a safe and inclusive learning environment. Through this program, your team will develop a deeper understanding and be empowered to build strong, meaningful connections with First Nations communities. This isn't just about ticking boxes; it's about celebrating diversity and contributing to a more harmonious, empathetic, and socially responsible workplace. Get ready to build your foundational knowledge and ignite a dynamic journey of understanding and appreciation!

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