Connecting to Country - Family Fun

For thousands of years First Nations People have cared for and managed these lands, carefully cultivating intricate and sophisticated knowledge systems based on the fundamental belief that we are connected to all things.

This overnight experience is specifically designed for families with children. Once the basics are covered you'll then participate in specially selected activities designed to teach you and your children more about Aboriginal people and culture and how to cultivate your own connection to Country.

Activities include:

  • Fire making / safety
  • Set-up / pack-up
  • General safety advice
  • Bush craft
  • Story time
  • Night walk

Guided mindfulness activities include:

  • Creating your connection to Country
  • Guided 'listening to Country' bush walks

Participants will gain an increased awareness of Aboriginal People and culture and come away feeling welcome and safe on Country, connected to the land and empowered to take their friends and family camping. 

You'll also receive 20% off all Yilam On Country products!

Target audience: Families with children ages 5+

Please note

Price includes food/snack, any activities and guide fees. Participants must secure their own transport to and from the camp site and, unless purchasing Yilam on Country products, bring their own tent/bedding/chair/toiletries etc. (full list of items will be provided prior to trip)

All children in attendance must be accompanied by their legal guardian and are the sole responsibility of said legal guardian. 

Group size is a maximum of 10 people - you'll meet the guides at the pick-up point at 11:00am and then head to camp - experience closes at 10:30am the following day.