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the yilam journey

Here at Yilam we've always loved camping and being on Country. Like many people we are not lucky enough to currently live on our own Country so, we try to make time to get out of town as often as possible. 

Because of this we spend a lot of time on Country camping, which means we have a lot of camping equipment.

We noticed that there is a real lack of representation of Aboriginal People and culture in the camping industry. Sadly, Aboriginal systems of knowledge and philosophies of connecting to and caring for Country have largely been ignored. Which is strange because who knows more about safely being on Country (camping) than us? 

We also noticed a lot of rubbish left behind at camp sites because a lot of the camping equipment currently on the market is made of cheap, flimsy materials.

Recognising this gap in the market, the idea of Yilam was born. We decided to create a range of ethically and sustainably sourced camping equipment, made from quality durable materials and to teach people the philosophies of connecting to Country through our intimate on Country experiences.

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